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    We believe that international aid can work. Spent in the right way, aid can foster development and promote growth in poor countries. All too often, however, funds are directed towards inflexible, poorly executed projects that don’t adequately address the particular needs of individual states and communities.

    We believe in the simple truth that when something works, we should do more of it and when something doesn’t work, we should stop doing it. Making aid more effective is, therefore, a question of figuring out which activities are having a positive impact and directing more funds towards these. This involves a process of trial and error, reliant on strong feedback from the front line of aid delivery to all points in the development chain. Access to this kind of data and critique, combined with the freedom for practitioners to adapt activities accordingly, must mean better outcomes. And ultimately, better opportunities and quality of life for the people we are all trying to help.

    Like everyone involved in international development, we have our own ideas and experience of what has worked and what has not.  But there is a wealth of experience out there that we all need to learn from.

    So we want to hear from you.

    This site is a collection of editorial, news and comment on the issues surrounding effective development aid. Good practice is born of good dialogue – so let’s get talking.